7 deadlines you don't want to miss

7 deadlines you don’t want to miss

7 deadlines you don't want to miss
If your year end is December 31, you must take care of the following dates. Failing to abide by these dates may result in late filing penalties and interest:
1. Jan 15 – (15 Days) Final Date to pay payroll source deduction
2. Jan 31 – (One Month) Last date to file HST return (If you file quarterly)
3. Feb 28 – (2 Months) Final Date to issue T4, T4A and T5
4. March 31 -(3 Months) Final Date to submit GST/HST return and make the payment
5. April 30 – (4 Months) file and pay amount owing in personal tax and corporate tax
6. June 15 – (5.5 Months) Final date to file your Self employment tax
7. June 30 – (6 Months) Last date to file your corporate tax

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